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Do you have a trial period?

We believe we have a fair price for the trial period: you choose the plan and trial period that est suits your needs/ This way, during the trial period, you have the opportunity to see if our app is right for you.

If you think your user experience was unsatisfactory or if you encountered issues that prevented you from using our app in full during your trial period, please contact our support team at to discuss a refund.

Are you a paid subscriber?

We understand that sometimes there are so many things to do, and you may not have even had a chance to try our app before your subscription expired, or the paid subscription was activated, and you forgot to cancel in time. No worries! Contact our support team at to discuss a refund.

Important to remember:

Uninstalling the app does not automatically cancel your subscription — you will still be charged for your subscription.

You can check the status of your subscription and cancel it through our support team at